Ministry to Children Around the World

Children hungry for God's Word
Children hungry for God’s Word

David Abbott has ministered to children globally for over four decades.  Not with puppets or clown outfits, but simply teaching the pure, simple Word of God and Holy Ghost anointing.  David came to Indianapolis in 1989 for the first set of meetings with the children and children’s leaders of the church I served.  And as he loves to do, came back every year to continue the work.  Building into the lives of not only the young ones, but also the Children’s workers.

David (dark shirt) street ministry in Mexico
David (dark shirt) street ministry in Mexico

He still goes to central Indiana each year, ministering in a wonderful community of churches and schools in the Sheridan area with Pastors George and Deborah Cooper.   Because David has so many years of ministry, he often sees children grow up, marry, and bring their children into his meetings.  Generational ministry, to be sure.  David’s latest report trip includes ministry in England, Bolivia, and the States.

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