What a Wonderful Time of the Year

Although I’ve long been a critic of the commercialization of the Christmas holiday, one fact remains – Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin with God as His eternal Father and Christmas is a celebration of that. And because He came as a human being, through the womb of Mary, the Lord Jesus had (and has) authority in the earth. He went to Calvary, having shed His precious blood for my spirit, soul, and body. Blood was shed in the Garden to buy me freedom from disease in my soul (mind, will, emotions). Blood was shed when He gave His back to the smiter and with those wounds, I am healed in my body. At the Cross, He shed blood so my spirit could become one with God, having forgiven my sin and trespasses. His wounds are healing mine.

Mary, did you happen to know the length and breadth, and depth of His love when you accepted your assignment to carry the Son of God and deliver Him to the world who awaited salvation?

Danny Gokey and musical partners beautifully express the significance of the birth of the Son of God here.