Being Thankful for God’s Provision [Real Meaning of Thanksgiving]

What or Who is your source? And what are the resources available to you right now? From that Source come re-sources. And so often, we look at the resource without acknowledging the actual source! I am grateful on this Thanksgiving Day for God my Father, Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord, and the Holy Spirit my Comforter and Guide. And from Him come so many resources for which I am grateful as well.

And I believe that by being grateful, by being thankful, by being appreciative that He is pleased to continue to provide daily bread. The very name Provider means He sees ahead and sees to it! And I am thankful this Thanksgiving Day 2019 for His provision. Jehovah-Jireh sees ahead and sees to it! And one of the ways I express my gratitude is by returning the first tenth to Him (through the local church He has chosen for me). And one beautiful aspect of our local Charlotte church (Elevation) is that worship music is being created here that resonates throughout the whole earth. One such song is on my heart today, so here it is for you to enjoy in His presence.