O Come Let Us Adore Christ the Lord

The nativity scene around the corner from our house is our neighbor’s honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was birthed from a virgin. My wife loved it and a few years ago we got one of our own for our front yard. Then, there’s our neighbor around the corner (the other way) who has long erected amidst the lights in his yard. Jim declares “JESUS – The Reason For The Season”. Bless him for his boldness.

I stopped by Jim’s house the other night to let him know again how much we’ve appreciated his boldness to proclaim Jesus Christ to us neighbors. It was then that I told him my wife wanted a simple black and white banner like his that said, simply, “O Come Let Us Adore Him”. After ordering that for her and working hard to get the banner posts in the ground, we now have both the Nativity scene and the exhortation to come and worship Him, Christ the Lord.

And this morning, while listening to my customary morning mix of worship on YouTube music, this cool version of the classic song came on. What do you think? And by the way, I pray your celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ to be a happy, happy Christmas for you.