This Is Where I Long to Be ~ Communion

Maverick City Music has caught my ear for the last number of months. And then, one Sunday morning, Chandler Moore showed up on stage at our local church here in Charlotte. And, oh, by the way, our local church is really a global church, as we reach every continent when we go LIVE. Elevation Church.

And our local/global church is birthing worship music in a unique and powerful way. We are collaborating with other notable worship leaders and recording music that is touching the nations. And the heart of God, I believe, because that’s what true worship does.

In this TRIBL music video from Mav City Music, Chandler Moore finishes out the spontaneously-led song that features Steffany Gretzinger and Brandon Lake. It’s called “Communion”. This is where I want to be, me in You, and You in me.